miércoles, 26 de diciembre de 2012

Monotronex V 0.1

So I was playing with my Korg Monotron Duo when I thought of the idea of finally recording some sounds to the computer. If you know this tiny analog synth, you already know its capable of some cool nasty analog sounds, however its playability sucks, fun for making noise but difficult to really make a good performance. With this in mind I thought of making a sampler with its sounds so as to make it playable in Ableton.

Sampler is extremely powerful yet extremely annoying tool, making a good sampled instrument with sampler can take a lot of time as you have to record samples for each key, define parameters, establish ranges etc.

As it is already late at night and I am very lazy at this moment I only sampled 3 keys, hopefully I will make a sample of a decent amount of keys and set all the parameters correctly.

However I made a rough sampler patch which I threw into an instrument rack and added a couple of things.

It is my idea to make a good instrument with time I will keep coming up versions of the monotron more dynamic, better sounding and everything, but for now, here is a lo fi alpha version of MONOTRONEX!

Made a quick loop to show you how it can sound. Except for the drum part, the other sounds are made with the monotronex.




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